First EP

by Ladyboy

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Six piece punk band from Provo Utah.

Last summer we were super bored, so we decided to start a band. We recorded some songs and then took them on tour. Pretty soon we're going to finish our full-length and go on an even bigger tour. Awesome.

Let us know if you want to give us money or help us out in any way. Everything we do is DIY, so be a pal.

Alyssa - Vocals
SamSam - Vocals
Bret - Guitar, Vocals
Tommy - Guitar
Scott - Bass
Steve - Drums


released August 1, 2009



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Ladyboy Provo

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Track Name: Om Nom Nom
Hey, Big Shot,
Guess what I've got?
It's a clear shot at your fat rot.
It's just an open-handed fist
on your trap's kiss--
I'm gonna have to wipe your smile from my fingertips.

Hey, Busy Hands,
Tell me your plan.
Not a good man can help you stand.
So you're just a skinny bitch on a long list;
Everybody will applaud when you cry yourself to shit.

It's gonna make you puke.
But I don't wanna puke, no.
I can choke and kill.
Well I don't think you will, no.
Track Name: Clusterfuck
By now your blood is getting dry while I stand over your hide.
And that field where I laugh is the same where your brothers died.
But your body's coming back and your eyes are open wide.
Stand up to face me with your brand new life.

With a mighty crack another battle begins.
Fake weapons take fake limbs, or a fake life (but you already have no life).
Wait I'm dead, wait I'm alive... Shit, I'm dead.
Whoa a clusterfuck, whoa a clusterfuck.
I punched you in the face during live-action role play.

I wanna jerk that LARPer off.
I said it, I fucking did it.
I wanna tear your armor off.
I said it, I fucking did it.

Shut up princess bitch, shut up.
Track Name: Ladyboy
You are the winner of my discontent.
I am loser and that's how I like it.
To fuck shit up, or not fuck shit up?

Hagatha Hoth: The hog-faced whore,
was stuck in her room 'til 2004.
She was far too fat to fit through the door.
What a terrible burden, this burden she bore.

Fuck with me, I'll fuck you back.
Better back off, or I'll fuck you up.
That's my life.

Track Name: Fuckram
Why don't you fuck with me?
I'll pull your veins out, bitch.
I've seen you on TV,
I'll film you in a ditch,
I'll blow your brains out, bitch.

Quit your crying--get into it.
My pants are getting unzipped.
What's this? Hot damn:
Helen Keller is eating my fist.

Are you out of your Vulcan mind?
Track Name: Orchids Raising Hell
Have you heard about the lesbian wasps?
Their men are gone and they're feeling the loss.
They found a flower and it took them away.
They're bangin' flowers, and their women are gay.

Orchids raising hell.

Is anybody gonna think of a plan?
Do we care about these wasps wearing plaid?
If there's a man, there's a man who can fly
He'll find a flower and he'll rape it 'til he dies.

Yeah, they're never coming for you.
Yeah, wasp what can you do?